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 Geartooth Speed and Direction Sensor (SD1012)

  Hall-effect geartooth speed and direction sensor
with flange-mount plastic housing.
  Sense speed and direction of ferrous geartooth targets
  Sense speed and direction of ferrous geartooth targets
  Near zero speed sensing capability
  Capable of 8000+Hz target speed
  Locating mark provided to assure correct rotational alignment
  10-bit dynamic threshold detection offers:
  South Pole Sensitive (except MP100105 and MP100106)
  M12 Integral Connector Meets IEC 60947-5-2
  Internal circuit protection allows sensor to meet all IEC requirements for Heavy Industrial Environments,ensuring immunity from:
Automatically adjusting magnetic range
Self-compensating to target geometry
Immune to target run out
  Compatible with unregulated power supply
  Reverse battery protected to -30VDC
  Internal circuit protection to IEC529 1000
EMI resistant to 10V/m, 30MHz to 1GHz
ESD resistant to 4kV (Contact discharge)
Fast transient resistant to 2kV
Conducted immunity resistant to 10VRMS@150kHz to 80MHz
EMC compatible 30A/m @ 50 Hz
  Meets IEC529 IP67 for dust and water protection
Integral Connector version: 4-pin Delphi Metri Pack 150.2 No. 12162833. Mates with Terminal No. 12124075.
Discrete wire version: 20 AWG, PVC insulation, UL1007/1569

  Operating Voltage Range (VDC)
    4.75 to 24 VDC
  Supply Current mA max
    20 mA max
  Output Saturation Voltage, mV max
    1000 mV max
  Output Current mA max
    25 mA max
  Operating Temp. Range °C
    -40 to 125 °C


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