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 Speed & Proximity Sensors (SD1002)

  Sense Motion/Direction of Ferrous Geartooth Targets
  Separate Digital Outputs for Speed and Direction
  Immune to Hostile Environments
  Near Zero Speed Sensing Capability
  Hard Coated Aluminum Housing
  Reverse Battery Protection to -24Vdc
  Self-compensating to Target Geometry
  Immune to Target Runout
  Meets IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Requirements for Heavy Industrial Environments, Assuring Immunity from:
Electrostatic Discharge
Electrical Transients
Radiated Electric Field
Conducted Energy
Magnetic Field Energy

  Operating Voltage Range (VDC)
    4.75 to 24 VDC
  Supply Current mA max
    17 mA max
  Output Saturation Voltage, mV max
    400 mV max
  Output Current mA max
    25 mA max
  Operate Temp Range °C
    -40 to 85 °C


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