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  Geartooth Speed Sensors (GS102301 Series)

  Capable of operating up to 140ºC
  Sealed design exceeds IEC60529 IP68 standard for immersion
  Resistant to fuels, solvents, and lubricants associated with engines, transmissions, brakes and chassis systems
  ESD resistant to 15kV (contact discharge)
  Operates at near zero speed
  Mating connector Packard sealed female connector assembly 3F
  Supplied with installed Vit on O-ring
  Installs into a standard M20 x 1.5 O-ring port

  Operating Voltage Range (VDC)
    25 mA max
  Supply Current mA max
    6 mA max
  Output Saturation Voltage, mV max
    600 mV max
  Output Current mA max
    25 mA max
  Operate Temp Range °C
    -40° to 140ºC*


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